Ginger Elixir Support for Diabetics: A Co-Founder's Story of the Brand

Ginger Support for Diabetics

Looking for the best ginger detox support drink for a diabetic?

We always talk about ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixirs being created from the relationship that Corinna experienced with her grandfather as a child, and we are very grateful every day for the experience that this product has provided to the lives of our community members and customer base.

When the journey started for us with taking this product from a “sauce pan” to larger batches for all to enjoy, Corinna and Jason were always committed to ensuring that the products their business created only utilized the purest of ingredients and quality available. This meant only using 100% whole foods in their business.

The first batches of ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixir varied from what our customers have and experience today based partially from Jason, Corinna’s husband, being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2012.  When Jason’s diabetes was first diagnosed, he was found to have a 17+ A1C, which for doctors was considered a medical miracle that he was still functioning. The doctors would have expected that at about a 13 A1C, this would have left Jason with severe ketosis and as many experience, an incoherent or a comatose state.

With having the diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes, Corinna started to work with the recipe and approach to minimize the carbs and sugar content of the product. Corinna dedicated time going back through her studies, attended some refresher herbal classes, conversed with family and “Asheville, NC Mountain People” for utilizing different extraction techniques and then “lived” in the kitchen to ensure that the product could be made in a way that would allow Jason to take the product in many ways from drinks, foods, and sauces with the flexibility of day or night times too.

Ginger Elixir Comes to Life for Life

This ginger elixir creation that came from the kitchen and is now referred to as ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixir Classic allowed for the flexibility to make any recipe. People use the ginger elixir straight as a ginger juice or ginger shot, add to a hot water for a lemon ginger tea, add to cold water to make a ginger lemonade, add to a sparkling water for a ginger ale, make salad dressings, marinades, mocktails, cocktails, etc. But the most important aspect of this for Jason was the way to remedy a “low blood sugar” when they occurred.

Now with the ginger elixir, Jason was able to take this to steadily raise his blood sugars when low with only 3 to 4 ingredients that could be easily recognized and spelled, which was different than the sugar/glucose tablets that the endocrinologist recommended. The ingredients of these sugar/glucose products were very overwhelming and concerning for Jason, but the relief of a different approach with ImmuneSchein ginger elixirs made this a non-issue.

Now that Jason was using the ImmuneSchein Classic ginger elixir to raise his sugars when needed and an overall general maintenance health regimen, Corinna took to researching and developing other herbs that could be infused into this “Classic” Ginger Elixir  to help from an Ayurvedic, homeopathic or naturopathic with other people’s desires, choices and health approach.

Ginger Elixir for Recipes and Daily Use

With the ginger elixir, it was the goal to make different varieties of herbs that could ensure that no matter what the medical “day-to-day” general health maintenance situation, there would now be product that had the whole food ingredients available in an easy to use form for providing a holistic approach even when traveling.

So, for the past 12+ years now, Jason has been taking the ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixir in the morning as a “hot lemon,” which with the 2 oz. bottles, it has allowed him to continue the routine even with traveling through airports and customs.

ImmuneSchein’s ginger elixirs are in a very easy to take anywhere and quick to use form, This has built consistency in results for Jason, and it is impossible to find him anywhere without these ginger elixirs near by him.  He credits ImmuneSchein ginger elixir as a large portion of the reason he maintains his A1C near 6.3-6.5, which does vary seasonally and based off of seasonal activity or lack thereof. 

For all of the ways that ImmuneSchein’s Ginger Elixirs can be utilized, please check out our recipe page, and always feel free to share your creations and reach out to us with any questions.

Ginger Elixir Recipes

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