Handcrafted in our commercial kitchen, all of our ginger elixirs are 100% natural and unprocessed. Commonly referred to as ginger tonics, ginger syrups, or ginger shots, our ginger elixirs are completely free of any water, vinegar, sugar, powders, additives, alcohol, preservatives, and/or natural flavors. We only use real food ingredients.

With these ingredients, as well as New York State wildflower honey, we don’t feel that we need to make health claims like: “Helps boost good health!” “Aids in digestion!” “Helps with colds and flus!” “Best cold remedy!”

For recipe options that include our ginger elixirs, you have the same flexibility as elderberry syrups, drink flavoring syrups, ginger simple syrups, or ginger tonics.

Our ginger elixirs offer approximately 1/3 the carbs of other products and are made from pure food ingredients. Add any of our ginger elixirs into your diet and lifestyle by incorporating them into your cooking, baking, and marinating, cocktails, mocktails, lemonades and more!

You can also drink our ginger elixirs straight as immune boosting wellness shots or make hot beverages like teas or hot cider. There are no limitations and we encourage you to share your own creations!