If you’re searching for pure, high quality, small-batch, handmade ginger elixir with culinary taste, flexible applications, and pure food ingredients, ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixirs are for you.

Hand-crafted in our own commercial kitchen (not in a factory), all of our ImmuneSchein’s Ginger Elixirs are 100 percent natural, handcrafted and unprocessed. While we call our products “elixirs”, many people would refer to them as ginger tonics, ginger syrups or ginger shots. The reason we call them elixirs is that they are completely free of  any water, vinegar, sugar, powders, additives, alcohol, preservatives, and/or natural flavors that you would find in many other products. You will find nothing in our elixirs other than real food as ingredients.

Only using real organic food ingredients and New York State wildflower honey, we don’t feel that we need to make the health claims like: “Help boost good health!” “Aids in digestion!” “Helps with Colds & Flus!” “Best cold remedy!”

For recipe options with our ginger elixirs, you have the same flexibility as any of the elderberry syrups, drink flavoring syrups, ginger simple syrups, or ginger tonics. Our ginger elixirs have on average 1/3 of the carbs of other products and are made from only pure food ingredients. Have confidence in your recipes by adding any of our ginger elixirs into your diet and lifestyle, simply by drinking them straight as a shot, making hot beverages like teas or hot cider, lemonades, ginger ales, salad dressings, fire cider, mocktails, cocktails, cooking, baking or marinating. There are no limitations with our ginger elixirs and we look forward to hearing about your own creations!