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Black Teas

Black tea originated in China hundreds of years ago, and has since spread throughout the world's major tea-growing regions including India, Sri Lanka, Africa, Latin America, and elsewhere. It is the most commonly consumed category of tea in the world. "Black Tea," as it's called in the West, is known as "Hong Cha" or "Red Tea" in Asia, due to its dark reddish infusion color and dark colored dried tea leaves covered with reddish-orange pekoe. Unlike green tea processing, which attempts to preserve the green color of fresh tea leaves, black tea processing encourages fresh tea leaves to oxidize and change color from green to coppery red. This change in leaf color during processing is referred to as oxidation. The basic steps of black tea processing are picking, withering, tumbling, rolling, oxidation and drying. Based on the region, style and level of oxidation, black teas can be of a light yellow, orange, red or dark infusion color.(Source: Rishi Tea) Our collection includes teas from simple to complex, from earthy to fruity, and from biting to smooth. We offer only the highest quality of loose leaf teas, and sell each by the ounce so you can purchase the perfect amount for your personal needs.