Elements of Harmony: Health to Your Environment, Health to You

Elements of Harmony: Health to Your Environment, Health to You

What are the healing elements of harmony for your health?

The importance of having quality in every aspect we immerse ourselves into—from our food and rest to our relationships and environment—is considered a key to finding the elements of harmony that will lead to the “happy times” that we are all continually driven to achieve in life.

It has been ImmuneSchein’s focus with our Ginger Elixirs to provide a product that allows us to open ourselves internally and mentally to absorb health experiences in an unaltered way. While this product can support you to ensure some of the elements of harmony are experienced, where do you spend your time during the days and nights physically to open yourself up for optimal efficiency? When you enter these spaces, does the environment that surrounds you allow the natural energy to flow in a way that provides a complete balance and rejuvenation of the mind, body, and soul to occur for you?

In creating this optimal environment, how can you do this? Are you familiar with Vastu? Vastu is an ancient science that focuses on the directions and elements of nature with relationships to the nine primary directions in relation to life and the right energy achievements.

I am not an expert at this by any means, so fortunately for me, we have had the opportunity to work with a customer that is providing Vastu in our area.

For an introduction to the Vastu services and approaches, we would like to introduce you to Marianne Denniston, LEED AP and VASTU DESIGN CONSULTANT.

In explaining her business:

My business offers services in every aspect of the interior design process, including VASTU, the alignment of space, site, and structure through a modality inspired from the SCIENCE of DESIGN and ARCHITECTURE from India.

I am formally trained at the New York School of Interior Design and Parsons School of Design. I have studied the intricate skill of creating balanced space and clear space with teachers from traditions, ranging from classical design to ancient architectural design systems.

I work nationally rectifying residences and businesses for increased success and to create connections between the environment and the client’s goals – positively impacting people’s lives and functionality in response to their requirements in a global world.

For more information, please contact me directly at:

Marianne’s Contact information:

Marianne Denniston, LEED AP

MDID Interior Design

Bedford, New York 10506

Phone: (575) 779-1608

Website: www.mariannedenniston.com

Email: mdenniston@mac.com

In closing, it is great for us all to have people around that can bring all the needed elements of harmony alive in our environments for increased health. Please reach out to Marianne to create your environment to flourish within and/or please pass this post on to enlighten others.

“To your health for real!”

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