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Oolong Teas

Our loose leaf oolong teas are carefully picked for their quality and wonderful essence. Oolong refers to a category of semi-oxidized teas that can only be made from certain types of tea bush varietals growing in specific geographical regions. The production methods of oolong tea are known only to a few of the tea cultivation regions in the world. The intention of the oolong maker is to partially oxidize the leaf, utilizing special withering, bruising, rolling, oxidation and repeated roasting techniques to fix the aroma and color of oolong. The result is a tea that on the scale of leaf oxidation and infusion color is somewhere between green and black tea. Depending on the duration of oxidation, season, regional style, tea bush varietal and roast degree, the resulting infusion colors of oolong teas range from lightly oxidized bright green or golden, to more heavily oxidized hues of amber-orange, to reddish and heavily roasted dark coffee-brown. (Source: Rishi Tea)