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Good Food Award Winning Elixirs

Ginger is what we’re all about here at ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixirs. From its fragrant aroma to its delicious spice, there’s nothing that quite compares to fresh ginger. The ginger elixirs you’ll find on this page use only the best organic ginger root we can source because we know that you can taste the difference. Our ginger elixirs never have any fillers or extra additives inside of them that might ruin the pure taste, which is why they make the best ginger beverages when mixed. These ginger elixirs have numerous was to take, create and craft. Whether you want to add our ginger elixirs to your favorite marinade or salad dressing, mix them into your refreshing drink of choice, or just take them as a pure ginger shot on their own, you can feel good knowing that everything you’re drinking is completely whole and good for you.