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Classic Ginger Elixir

  • Hand-crafted in our commercial kitchen (not in a factory), our Classic Ginger Elixir is 100 percent natural, handcrafted and non-processed. While we call our products elixirs, many people would refer to them as ginger tonics, ginger switchels, ginger syrups or ginger shots. We chose to not refer to our Classic Ginger Elixir as any of these due to our never using any water, vinegar, sugar, powders, additives, alcohol, preservatives, or natural flavors that many of our competitors use. You will find nothing in our Classic Ginger Elixir other than real food as ingredients. Organic ginger root, organic lemon and honey. That’s it!

    With our only using real organic food ingredients and New York State Wildflower Honey, we don’t feel that we need to make the health claims like: “Help boost good health!” “Aids in digestion!” “Helps with Colds & Flus!” “Best cold remedy!” You will not find health claims on a can of chicken noodle soup, and you will not find this here with us!

    For recipe options with our Classic Ginger Elixir, you have the same flexibility as any of the elderberry syrups, drink flavoring syrups, ginger simple syrups, or ginger tonics. Our Classic Ginger Elixir has on average 1/3 of the carbs of other products and come only for food. Have confidence in your recipes by adding any of our elixirs into your diet and lifestyle, simply by drinking it as a shot, or by making teas, hot lemons, lemonades, ginger ales, salad dressings, fire cider, mocktails, cocktails, cooking, backing or marinating. There are no limitations with our Classic Ginger Elixir, and we look forward to hearing about your creations.


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    Organic Ginger Root, NYS Wildflower Honey, Organic Lemon Juice.

    (See ingredient benefits here!)

    No Sugar. No Water. No Vinegar. No Tea. No Alcohol. No Powders. No Additives. No Extracts. No Fillers. No Oils. No Artificial Flavors. No Preservatives. Just Food!

    More Details
    1. Shelf Stable
    2. Packaged in Glass Bottles
    3. 2 oz Bottle makes 16 oz.
    4. 8.5 oz. Bottle makes 72 oz
    5. Can be taken in their pure form, and most customers mix 1 oz. of elixir to 8 oz. of other either hot, cold or sparkling water.
    6. Our Classic Ginger Elixir can also be used in baking, marinating, cooking, dipping, salad dressings, mixed drinks, etc.
  • Customer Reviews

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    Love It!

    Tbsp first thing in the morning with water... helps with my immune system, cleansing my liver and my skin! 💗 Yummy too!


    Love it!

    Second bottle

    With two little kids and two Seniors in the family, the Ginger Elixir is very important in keeping everyone healthy.
    Besides, it tastes good in the cool/cold fall and winter nights.

    My go-to elixir

    From time to time I forget about this...but once I get my regimen of immunoshein back I feel so much more energized. It makes a differenice in my life. Thank you!

    Has it really been 14 days???📆

    I was introduced to your products several years ago at an arts/craft show in Downstate NY for which I had trailed along with my brother & his wife. Your booth was busy, I liked the genuine passion which emanated from staff and so I was intrigued to try sample. Ironic as I’m NOT a healthy-living guy, but I bought a bottle and took a morning swig until it was all gone...
    A few of my co-workers are very knowledgeable about health/wellness and by affiliation, I’ve incorporated some small changes in diet, etc.. I tried Bragg vinegar, sprinkled turmeric powder on salads and half-listen ongoing trends as I extract the best sage advice. Again, I’m an unlikely advocate but really like the product taste, the sincerity/quality of your ‘small batch’ manufacturer process plus I generally believe in the benefits of core ingredients. Although I can’t provide scientific evidence...I think this has helped my immune system as I’ve had fewer colds & recovered quicker with your product(s) on-hand. Regards, Peter