Case mix & match Ginger Elixir, 12 x 2oz. Bottles

  • Buy a case of 12 of our 2oz. bottles and save! All of our Ginger Elixirs are a shelf- stable product with a best by date of 10+ months from the time of purchase and will not need to be refrigerated until after opening.


    Organic Ginger Root, NYS Wildflower Honey, Organic Lemon Juice: Other Ginger Elixirs have one additional organic ingredient
    (See ingredient benefits here!)

    No Water. No Vinegar. No Tea. No Alcohol. No Powders. No Additives. No Extracts, No Fillers. No Oils. No Artificial Flavors & No Preservatives. Just Food!
  • More Details

    1. Shelf-stable
    2. Packaged in Glass Bottles
    3. 2oz. bottle makes 16oz.
    4. 8.5 oz. bottle makes 72oz.
    5. Can be taken in its pure form,
    6. Many customers mix 1oz. of elixir to 8oz. of hot, cold, or sparkling water.
    7. Our Ginger Elixirs can also be used in baking, marinating, cooking, dipping, salad dressings, mixed drinks, etc.
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Awesome Product!

    I absolutely love these elixirs! I especially like the ginger- turmeric scrolleez...what a great taste!

    Awesome Stuff

    The lavender ginger really does help me sleep better and the turmeric is definitely helping with my joint pain

    Excellent product & service

    This was my 3rd purchase of elixirs and I really love the taste and benefits. Helps me stay hydrated and I love knowing the ginger is good for my digestive system. Order fulfillment was so fast!!

    Elixirs are Wonderful

    I add a small amount of it to some seltzer and it makes a refreshing drink that seems to give added energy, wonderful.

    The most Amazing Elixir

    I came across this elixir at a show where they were sampling the product. I was so blown away by the taste that I purchased a combo pack for 3 of my friends as gifts..they are still talking about it and they ended up purchasing more when they ran out. Amazing product and the real deal!