Citra Hops: Benefits, Uses & History

Citra Hops: Benefits, Uses & History

Hops are the dried, flowering part of the hop plant. While hops are most commonly used in flavoring beer, they’re also used in a variety of other ways. Hops have been grown in America since early colonial times. Beer is commonly made with malted barley, yeast, and water. But beer made just with these three ingredients is often lacking in flavor and has a dull taste. Many brewers add in an additional plant to enhance the flavor and give it depth. Heather flowers, spruce tips, and bog myrtle have all been used to experiment with different flavor profiles, but by the 15th century, hops were added into the beer-making process and brewers preferred this plant over the rest—it added a bitter taste and also acted as a natural preservative.

We chose to use Citra hops—a particular strain of the hops plant that has smooth, floral, citrusy flavor notes—in our ginger elixirs for its slightly astringent quality that pairs well with the sweetness of honey and the tart lemon-ginger combination. When mixed in sparkling water, it creates a nice drink that bears a similar resemblance to the taste of an IPA—without the alcohol or gluten that comes in a beer!

Scientific studies show that hops contain mild sedative properties.

Many people use hops to . . .

-alleviate anxiety.

-relieve restlessness and tension.

-reduce inflammation.

-promote digestion.

-release nervousness and irritability.

-promote relaxation and sleep.

With our ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixirs, we’ve done the chopping, slicing, cutting, and preparation for you—so all you have to do is add our Citra Hops Ginger Elixir to hot water for a tea, cold water for a lemonade, sparkling water for a ginger ale, or even add with apple cider vinegar to create your own fire cider, which we refer to as Fire Schein. The flexibility of our elixirs allows you to create many different recipes for drinks, cocktails, mocktails, cooking, baking, and more. This powerful drink is sure to kick start your day.


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