Meirah Dunn

Meirah is part of the ImmuneSchein team as a brewer. She works daily to brew delicious elixirs using our organic ginger, organic lemon juice, and lots of love.  Originally from the Hudson Valley region, she is a thriving artist.

Meirah's passion to create comes in a vast span of mediums (pencil, paint, fiber work, woodwork, metalwork, etc.). Her love of art has brought her to an assortment of different career paths and locations. Meirah spent a handful of years in NYC experiencing city-living and studying Ayurveda through skincare. It became clear to her how important not only one’s environment is for one’s health but what one is putting into his/her body as well.

Meirah found her way back to the beautiful Hudson Valley where she continues to fuel her desire for creating art, for experiencing nature, and for living a healthy, happy life through whole food.