Jason Geib

Jason migrated to New York after more than 25 years of living in many states and countries, gaining experiences in different supply chain industries dealing with logistics, medical devices, food, and for the past five years, handcrafted ginger elixirs.

While these moves and changes weren’t always planned, it brought Jason and Corinna together, provided them a home, an amazing elixir brewing team, friends, and a community for over 5 years. With Corinna’s shared knowledge, desire, and passion, ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixirs were brought to the market.

It almost seems surreal when thinking back to living in the basement of Nina Simone’s old house in Tryon, North Carolina, dealing with complications from Type I Diabetes and being handed something that would change our world. From the minute the ginger elixir hit my lips, I knew that the product needed to be given as a gift to the world. The following morning, I bought 600 bottles, seals, and labels online to start the pursuit of producing craft elixir. Since then, we’ve managed to have our friends, colleagues, and anyone we know addicted.

With the dedication, support, and direction of our team, community, and customers, we have created something that makes us and others feel exactly how we knew they would. We walk into our facility with our team and constantly look forward to seeing the creativity and the world that lies ahead for us.

You can find Jason at markets and festivals, as well as doing business development, production process planning and other day-to-day operations at ImmuneSchein.