Garlan Dunn

Garlan Dunn is an Alchemist Creative who can be found brewing elixirs for ImmuneSchein. He believes in the power of healthy nutrition for all. After spending over a decade working in the culinary arts world honing his palate, craft, creativity, and skill, Garlan discovered how important it was to source high-quality, whole food ingredients. He enjoyed paying attention with care and interest in the process of transformation of raw food ingredients into an artistic expression of a finalized dish. Finding food as medicine is at the very base of his food career.

Before brewing elixirs for ImmuneSchein, Garlan worked and managed restaurants and worked as a sous chef for some of the most talented restaurateurs and chefs in the Hudson River Valley. Seeking balance from the pressures of the kitchen, he jumped into the farming world for a few years. He secured key tasting notes on his palate by experiencing all of the different food stages of the edible plant world.

Garlan appreciated the reflective space that was available through working outside, all based around nurturing edible plant life to flourish. Growing what he was eating and also growing veggies for the hundreds of families that were a participating in the Community Supported Garden really enriched his perspective of what is truly vital in this life. Garlan holds a certificate in Culinary Arts & Food Service Management from Johnson & Wales University.

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