The Ginger Lovers Gift Box

  • We put together this gift box for your special someone who loves everything Ginger. Our Ginger Lovers Gift Box includes: 1x 8.5 oz. ImmuneSchein Turmeric Ginger Elixir, 1x 2 oz. ImmuneSchein Elderberry Ginger Elixir, 1x 2 oz. ImmuneSchein 2021 Limited Holiday Ginger Elixir, 1x Raw Ginger & Black Pepper Chocolate (Made by Elements Truffles), 1 oz. Organic Tangerine Ginger Tea (Botanical Blend), 1 oz. Organic Matcha Ginger Buzz (Green Tea Blend), 1 oz. Lemon Ginger (Black Tea Blend). Free shipping anywhere in the U.S.!

  • With this gift box selection, we wanted to give you an opportunity to send a healthy, artisanal, and unique gift to your loved one (or yourself!), and we will pay to get it there!