All ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixir and Tea Selections

Gift Pack of 6 ea. 2 oz. Bottles

  • Our Ginger Elixirs are a shelf stable product with a best buy date of 6+ months from the time of purchase and will need to be refrigerated after opening.

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    Organic Ginger Root, NYS Wildflower Honey, Organic Lemon Juice,  Other Organic Ingredients
    (See ingredient benefits here!)

    No Water. No Vinegar. No Tea. No Alcohol. No Powders. No Additives. No Extracts, No Fillers. No Oils. No Artificial Flavors & No Preservatives. Just Food!
  • More Details

    1. Shelf Stable
    2. Packaged in Glass Bottles
    3. 2 oz Bottle makes 16 oz.
    4. 8.5 oz. Bottle makes 72 oz
    5. Can be taken in their pure form, and most customers mix 1 oz. of elixir to 8 oz. of other either hot, cold or sparkling water.
    6. Our Ginger Elixirs can also be used in baking, marinating, cooking, dipping, salad dressings, mixed drinks, etc.
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    First Winter Without a Cold

    I credit these elixirs with giving my immune system the boost it needs every day as a teacher. This is my first teaching year that I have made it to December without a cold/sinus issue or cough and immune Shein has been the only change in my routine.


    I first bought ImmuneSchein Elixirs at the Lyndhurst Art Fair - they're delicious, versatile, and a great gift! Order was filled and delivered promptly.

    better than expected

    I was thinking that when I got it i wouldnt like MOST of it. I ended up loving MOST of them. Definitely will be ordering more in next week

    I Love all the flavors

    I purchased the Gift Pack of 6 to give as a gift. I'm hooked! They are great in hot tea or just to flavor a bottle of water. I am looking forward to using some in cocktails over the holidays.


    Very yummy, great to add to tea or sparking water!

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