6 Ways to Incorporate Ginger Into Your Diet

6 Ways to Incorporate Ginger Into Your Diet

Do you remember the first time you tasted ginger? You probably had nothing to compare it to because the flavor was so unique. You might think the only way to incorporate ginger into your diet is through ginger tea, cooking, or even these days as a ginger shot. However, that isn’t the case. While we would like the glory of taking ginger to an amazing taste level, for us at ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixirs, it is about sharing the love, passion and great power of the ginger root. Ginger is as dynamic as it is distinct, so there’s so much you can do with this mighty and underestimated root.

Cook in Curry

Who doesn't love the deep and all-encompassing flavors that a wonderful curry dish provides? If you love making your own curry or wish to try your hand at your first dish, make sure you add a dash of ginger. Often, ginger is that secret ingredient that takes the flavor profile of a delicious curry to the next level. Here is a link to one of our favorite recipes for a Coconut Ginger Vegetable Curry.

Add to a Smoothie

Many people love making a morning smoothie to have a refreshing start to the day. If you want to switch it up, consider adding half a thumb of garlic to your smoothie. Adding a small amount of ginger to your smoothies is a great way to incorporate it into your diet in a way that doesn't overwhelm the senses. For a great smoothie, we add the 1 oz. of our ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixir to the mix. With over 15 unique ginger blends, ginger root, turmeric, hibiscus, etc. you can add these just like any ginger juice to a smoothie, mixed drink, mocktail or cocktail.

Masking a smoothie does not need to be overwhelming, and a simple example would be:

  1. Have a blender. I use a Vitamix for the motor power and consistency it brings to blending anything!
  2. Take a frozen banana, a frozen peach, some frozen raspberries or blueberries, place into a blender. The great news is that this can be a combination of many frozen fruits, and their a many recipes, smoothie “cookbooks” and approaches. Make it your taste and experiment!
  3. You will want to add some fluid/juice to the mix to get the consistency that makes the smoothie drinkable for you. For me, I add 2 oz. of ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixir and a cup of coconut water to start.
  4. Blend for at least 3 minutes and taste. You can at this point add either more fruit or a juice type to bring out the flavors, consistency, etc. Adding some honey or maple syrup if you need it sweeter is always an option too.

Bake With Ginger

If you appreciate ginger’s flavor, you may want to consider expanding on that by baking with it. You have likely already indulged in a dessert spiced with ginger. It’s a quintessential holiday seasoning for a reason. However, ginger is a fantastic flavor to use when baking all year, regardless of the weather. You can make a moist gingerbread cake or gingerbread oatmeal bars or making simple crystallized ginger that you can keep for months. Here is a quick example of a Crispy Ginger Snap Cookies with some alternatives for ingredients with the flour, sweeteners, etc.

Drink an Elixir, Tonic or Switchel

It's always nice to indulge ourselves with a sweet treat, but ginger can also be a reinvigorating refreshment. That's just how dynamic it is! At ImmuneSchein, we work to make use of the many facets ginger provides, which is why we have countless elixirs for you to try. You can find all our ginger juices /elixir online, which include everything from black currant to turmeric to garlic flavors. Take our elixir as a shot, add it to water, or mix it with club soda. There are many ways to enjoy our award-winning elixirs.

Eat Pickled Ginger

If you’ve ever enjoyed any type of sushi, then you’re likely familiar with pickled ginger. Although commonly associated with sushi, pickled ginger is a fantastic addition to many other meals, especially since it acts as a palate cleanser. Consider serving it with grilled fish or baked ham or adding it to a stir fry. In the industry of pickled ginger, you should look out items containing aspartame as a sweetener. 

Make a Highly Functional Ginger Tea

At ImmuneSchein, we carry over 80+ Loose Leaf Teas at our Tea Haus in Saugerties/Woodstock New York, and we have a large selection of teas that contain ginger root for you to add to ginger to your diet. If you are looking to create a simple tea with the ginger root included, a large portion of our customers simply add our elixirs to a cold water for a lemonade, hot water for a tea or a sparkling water for ginger ale, controlling your quality of water source, temperature or crafting practices. For a 12 oz. drink, you only need 1 oz. of ImmuneSchein Ginger Elixir added to your water, which you can make stronger or lighter to taste depending upon your preferences.  



In summary, there are unlimited recipes to help you incorporate ginger into your diet either through baking, cooking, making tea, etc. With our ginger elixir for example, you can find additional, more detailed recipes or general recipes on our website.  For every way you can get ginger juice, whole ginger root, pickled ginger, etc., you can find an unlimited supply of recipes from family, friends, or just Google it!

Always reach out to us with any questions, stay safe and stay well!

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