5 Reasons Why Elixirs Are Better Than Coffee

5 Reasons Why Elixirs Are Better Than Coffee

Many of us rely on our morning cup of joe. It is a stronghold that helps us get through the day and push forward. However, as we age, the caffeine properties can keep us up later than expected, leaving us tossing and turning in bed. That, among other reasons, is why many people are looking for caffeine-free options that still provide that needed boost of energy. Thankfully, there are many serious rivals on the market. Here are some reasons why elixirs are better than coffee.

1. Caffeine-Free Energy

Nothing beats the energy rush of caffeine, right? Well, for some, that boost from caffeine can cause more trouble than it's worth. In fact, coffee can cause feelings of anxiety that, as many of us know, are pretty uncomfortable. Our elixirs have natural, whole food ingredients that provide you with an afternoon pick-me-up without the nervousness.

2. Variety of Flavors

Coffee has such a strong and distinct note that there isn't much variety in terms of taste. However, with elixirs, there are numerous choices available that all have their own unique and delightful flavors. We offer organic turmeric, organic Ceylon cinnamon, and organic elderberries options. Buy our herbal tonics today. You'll taste the difference!

3. Refreshing and Light

Aside from serious coffee lovers, most don't enjoy the pure flavor of the coffee. That is why many people add milk, creamers, and sugars to their coffee to make it yummy. When you drink our ginger elixirs, you won't have to add a thing to make them taste better. Our elixirs have a refreshing and light flavor that will instantly hook you.

4. Other Alternatives

Other than its use for meat seasoning, coffee does not have a lot of alternatives. You practically only use it as a drink. Many of our customers love using our ginger elixirs in cocktails, as salad dressings, or added to hot water for a relaxing tea. That is one of the many reasons why elixirs are better than coffee, as the dynamic flavor provides a lot to work with. If you lack inspiration, that's okay. Go ahead and check out our recipe page for all the different things you can do with our ginger elixirs.

5. Workout Recovery

If you just finished a hard workout, you may want to try our ginger elixirs for a natural workout recovery. Every one of our elixirs contains organic ginger root, a powerful nutrient. Ginger root has anti-inflammatory and antioxidating properties that aid muscle recovery and soreness.

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